House Tour: Beginning to Look like a Home


This morning I am excited to show you a little taste of our new abode.


Since moving in several weeks ago, we have constantly been on the go getting unpacked and decorated, but last week I felt like I hit a wall. I  was done decorating. There were still boxes all over the place, things were half ass-edly placed wherever I thought they should go, and overall I was feeling OVERWHELMED at how much work setting up a home can be. Why can't there be unlimited funds to go out and buy everything on my wish list so that it can look straight out of a magazine? I didn't even want to share the progress on the blog until everything was in perfect shape and we had made some of the upgrades that are on top of my list.

But this weekend, knowing that there were some friends coming over to see the new place, I was re-energized to at least pull the place together so that people wouldn't cringe when they walked in the door. And you know what? I am happy with how it all came together. 

I realized I hate it when people just show off all the perfect things in their life. Don't tell me that those homes in Better Homes and Gardens didn't start out on a budget of Goodwill and furniture leftover from their parents/college dorm/apartments. I am excited to share the progress of turning our house into a put-together home. We'll get there. But for now, take a peek at our living room and its holiday flair!

Disclaimer: furniture and decor is subject to change.


To do: 
-Reupholster chair (maybe.)
-New throw pillow


I swapped in a Christmas card over a piece of antique sheet music for an easy holiday print!


I think a blog post is necessary on how this red glitter fruit came to be...





To do: restock this corner. Absolutely necessary.


Free Christmas printable from agapelovedesigns.com

What do you think?


  1. Awww your home looks so nice! And you worked it out with the pieces you have, i love it!
    What paint color is that?

    hmmm the christmas card over sheet music is a really good idea. Nice!

    1. Thank you so much! The paint color is Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams.

  2. Your new place is beautiful, love the Christmas tree!!!

  3. love it! Can't wait to hear about this glitter fruit.. :)

  4. Haha I love the glitter fruit! The decorations are all so cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Looks gorgeous! And I'm a big fan of showing life as it is, not just when it's perfect (because when is it ever perfect?!).

    Where did you get the print above the Christmas card? I really love it.

    1. Thank you! That was actually a wedding gift. It's from a local art festival up in PA.

  6. It's great! Your home looks beautiful. I know the feeling. That obsessed on a mission home decor phase. You can't rest until it's all done but at the same time you are starting to run out of money. I get caught up too. Be proud that you are a homeowner. The rest is just a bonus! Love the sheet music with Christmas card. So creative.

  7. very nice! cannot wait until we have a house one day!

  8. i love it! your holiday decor os so great...i love all the little touches. and no, no house is ever perfect, but yours seems cozy and cute, so that's pretty close!!

  9. What a beautifully decorated house...by a beautiful young woman!

  10. I think I love it, no, I love it. Really beautiful and cozy. You did an awesome job. That chair in the corner is calling my name and the chocolate wall is gorgeous. dawn suitcase vignettes xoxo

  11. Love that cute Christmas printable :) Your place looks darling! Love all the cozy, personal touches.

  12. Jealous of your wood floors...and is that gray on the walls I spy?! My ultimate favorite. I'm the same way..wishing I had the bank account to just go buy everything and anything to re-do our house. Oy. I can't wait to move and start over.

    1. Thank you! The previous owners really put in a lot of work to the place so we are very lucky. I'm loving our gray walls too, even though i was hesitant at first! For some reason the darker color has a greenish tint in photos but in real life is more brown. The gray is Sherwin Williams 'Mindful Gray'.

  13. These room pics are damn inspiring dear
    x the cookies

  14. It looks wonderful, check out those hardwood floors! Were in the middle of closing on our house, its so exciting! And insanely overwhelming lol


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