A Hair Miracle

So just in case you didn't get enough of me complaining about my hair in the previous post, I really miss having bangs. I've always been pretty self conscious about my forehead, and just the size of my head in general, and I loved that having bangs gave some balance and added something interesting to my face. I love how they almost instantly make any outfit look a little more chic.

However, summertime is NOT conducive to bangs. At all. At least for me. I get so mad when I see people walking around in the sweltering heat with perfect bangs in their face that aren't a curly mess. 

Yes, I do love having bangs. However, I did not love caring for them and worrying about keeping them straight on rainy days. 

But you know what I do love? That I have finally found the product that has made me much happier with my hair and how fabulous it makes my curls hold up in humidity, rain, and hot weather. After my raving review of Deva Curl the other day, I got several comments about wanting to see a photo of the results. And friends, I present to you a happy girl with lovely and completely un-photoshopped curls.

I am amazed at how long I can go without shampooing, which has left my hair feeling more healthy and shiny. After a day of thrifting and catching up with friends on an extremely toasty day in DC, it was still looking fairly decent when I got home last night.  In fact, I went to Ulta today and exchanged my failed attempt with Ouidad (another curl-boosting product) for some more Deva Curl products that I can't wait to try.

Also, in case your wondering...this is not a commercial and in no way was I paid to say such fabulous things about this stuff. It really is that. awesome. Now when I see curly haired gals I feel the need to run up to them and ask what they use. Actually, the girl at Ulta who rang me up today looked like she could use some Deva Curl in her life.....

OK. Rave over. You gotta try it!


  1. Your hair looks great, and it's amazing to me how everyone's hair responds differently to products. I've tried Deva Curl and it did nothing for me, and I swear by Ouidad and can't live without it! :D

    Happy you found something that works for you - that can be so frustrating.

  2. Your hair looks fabulous, Brenda! I am constantly fighting a battle with my hair! Most of the time in the summer, I wind up putting it in a bun//ponytail thanks to the humidity.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. gorgeous hair lady! i might have to try that stuff out!


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