Bump It

Yesterday as I was getting ready for work, my hair just wasn't quite sitting right. It needed a little extra oomph.

So I went ahead and did some teasing action, and next thing I knew I had somewhat of a bouffant. 

The weather around here has really cooperated with me lately which means many-a-good hair day. Which, as we all know, makes me very happy.

This shirt was a hand-me-down from my mom, which is better than thrifting! I already know it'll fit, I didn't have to pay a dime, and there's no speculating about which gross closet it might have come from (although I usually like to keep that in the back of my mind.) 


  1. Love the shirt. Guess it was really meant for you.......

  2. Oh, you look so great in stripes and bump!

  3. way cuter than an actual bumpit! i love it. and i love that you and your mom share clothes! how fun!! (the fact that she's not dirty is a huge plus!)


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