Monday Movie Night: Room Service

Yesterday was a nasty, cold, wet, misty, mopey day. Not to mention it was a terrible hair day, so instead of posing for outfit photos, Ian and I curled up with another old movie that came with that TCM Lucille Ball Anthology that I got for Easter.

I thought this movie was an interesting pick to have included in a Lucille Ball DVD set because as you can see, this movie stars the Marx Brothers with Lucy as a minor character. Judging by the movie's date (1938) it was obviously one of her first!

This was only the second Marx Brothers movie that I have seen, so it was definitely enjoyable! Basically the movie is about a producer and his staff starring in a Broadway play who have overstayed their welcome at a hotel and as a result owe lots and lots of money. All kinds of shenanigans ensue to find the money they need to pay their debt and allow the play's opening night to go through.

This movie was actually a remake of a Broadway play (a play about a play!) and turns out, after some IMDB-ing, that it was the only movie that the Marx Brothers did that wasn't specifically written for them. As a result, it didn't have quite the same Marx feel that I had seen before and it felt a little slow at times. But all in all it was definitely a nice jaunt into the past and a fun way to spend the evening. 

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