Every Day is Valentine's Day

When I wore this outfit to work yesterday, someone kindly pointed out that Valentine's Day was last week. 

I kindly replied that EVERY day is Valentine's Day for me.

The red blouse was one of my favorite thrifts from Saturday. Frumpy fun-patterned grandma button-up shirts are one of my favorite things to find because even though they might have been worn by granny vacationing in a tropical retirement community, they are instantly stylish when tucked into a skirt. 


In other news, I am planning to buy something that will make taking these blogging self-portraits much easier; do any of you lovely ladies have camera remote reccomendations?

Peace out and have a lovely Thursday.


  1. What a cute top! You can always wear pink, it doesn't have to be V Day :) Sorry I don't have recs, I don't use a remote..my lovely husband is my photographer.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I love the this outfit. You are way cute. The thrift shirt-tucked in to a skirt is so fun and now I want to try! Thrift store shopping is definitely more important than homework right?? :)

  3. I love that top. So is there a rule I wasn't aware of that you can only wear red on Valentine's Day?

    Penniless Socialite

  4. You wear the vintage look so well! You really have to know how to put that stuff together. Very cute. A camera remote. Sounds awesome.

  5. Uh, love it! I would have snagged that same shirt had I found it first. You look gorgeous. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo. Not many digital camera's take remotes but I have Vello remote control for Nikon. Not sure if that will help. I will get to that award, thank you again. Congrats on 40...yay! God has your back don't worry, he knows how much you love blogging.

  6. I agree- if you're living life well, everyday is Valentine's! And really, just about any top tucked into a classic pencil skirt with pumps and a great belt is instantly chic!

  7. Love this look on you! That is a great thrifted blouse. Valentine's day schmalentine's day, you could rock this any day of the year :)


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