Dr. Brodie, Google MD

Hello everyone. Happy Saturday!

I thought Ian and I were going to die the other night.

It all started when I got home from work and we heard a mysterious beeping noise coming from inside the closet, over on our landlady's side of the basement. It went like this: beep beep beep beep.....pause....beep beep beep beep....pause....and so on. Then it would be quiet for about five minutes before doing it again.

I heard it while I was in bed reading, and asked Ian if he heard it too. He said it had been beeping for the past couple hours. 

So naturally, as with all of life's ailments and questionable situations, I Googled it. And was greeted with a long list of websites that stated that four beeps on a smoke alarm meant carbon monoxide. As I was reading this, Ian came into our bedroom and asked if I had a headache. Which I did! Never mind that I always have a headache after work, but it turns out Ian had a headache too. 

I flew into panic mode, running around the apartment opening windows while trying to call Georgia about the beeping. I sat there shivering as I kept Googling carbon monoxide symptoms (headache...nausea...flu-like symptoms...), while Ian tried to convince me it was just her washer and dryer we were hearing. 

We sat there in the living room, listening for the beeps. Then, I heard it. The whir of the washer and dryer, followed by four beeps. But I couldn't rest easy until I heard it again. Which I did. Turns out these new-fangled washer and dryers beep when they're done.

So then we went to bed.


  1. Yea, they totally do beep. LOL I'm like that... when I'm home alone and hear the slightest noise, I think it's a mass murderer coming to kill me. And don't get me started when the whole swine flu thing was going around, I was convinced I was dying!

  2. Too funny. Glad it wasn't carbon monoxide. :)

  3. Oh dear! This is such a silly post, but I am sure you were so scared! I would have been! What a relief when you figured it out!

  4. Our carbon monoxide detector went off in the middle of the night the other day and scared the living hell out of me. Turned out the batteries just needed to be changed. Uggh.

    (glad you guys are OK) :)


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