A Post About Nothing

Has it really been almost a week since I've blogged? Eek! I do apologize if you're craving some pretty pictures, or a funny story, or photos from the funnest wedding ever (yeah, I said it!). 

Because quite honestly, I've got nothing tonight. I've come to realize that in the blogging world, you only blog about the cute/funny/picturesque things that you do in life, which makes all of your readers think you live this super fun, super picture perfect life where you eat perfect food every night, go on fun dates all the time, and look super adorable every second. 

Which, in all honesty, is fine to blog about all those times. Because really, who wants to read about the nights when you're sitting in your sweats, your mom's lime green Outer Banks sweatshirt, with the news droning in the background and the recipe for dinner you made up simmering away on the stove? Kind of a potato/green/bean/random vegetables/curry/Indian-inspired dish. I sure hope it's good.

In conclusion, there are a lot of blog-worthy things in life. Even some things that don't seem exciting on the surface have some sort of funny tale behind them. But sometimes, it's just nice to be boring. Especially when you have someone to be boring with.

Until next time, I'll leave you with a glamour shot of yours truly, circa 2000.

Hellooooo boys!
Reasons why I was awesome:
1. Butterfly clips
2. A wee bit of midriff pokin' out 
3. Embroidered jeans
4. You can't tell, but I was wearing Piglet earrings.

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  1. A post about nothing - Didn't Seinfeld make a killing off of a show about nothing? I think you have something here! Love the pic - I remember those days!


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