Christmas Memories

We returned home to our little Virginia abode after a fantastic five-day weekend of relaxation, food, and shopping with a lovely six hour trek through wind and rain with a car that made funny noises. Maybe it was stuffed too tight with Christmas gifts.

Either way, it was a wonderful Christmas--dare I say, one of the best ever? This year, Christmas break included (but was not limited to):

Lots and lots of bad-for-me food. Like cheese ball, meatballs, poppyseed roll, Boston creme pie, buckeyes, pineapple casserole, and hot chocolate. And cookies. Duh. 

A five-game Rummyo winning streak by yours truly.

Chocovine. Aka chocolate wine that I found at World Market and had to bring a bottle of home. (The verdict from the Brodies: FANTASTIC! The verdict from everyone else: chocolate flavored nail polish. No worries, more for us.)

Christmas TV specials on HGTV.

Gathering round the table Christmas night with my best friends.

The Muppets.

Awkward photo shoots by the tree.

I hope your holidays were as blessed as mine were. Awkward photo shoots and all. 

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  1. haha yeah, that chocolate wine was nasty. But sitting around the table was fun :)


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