Pintrest Comes to Life

Raise your hand if you love Pintrest. 

Now raise your hand if you have boards and boards of fantastic ideas on things to make,  how to decorate your home, things to eat, and ideas for a wedding that you already had/are planning/will plan one day.

Now, raise your hand if you've actually ever done any of these things.

via someecards.com

So yesterday, after several hours sprawled out on the bed perusing Pintrest and catching up on my shows including New Girl, Glee, and Modern Family, I was actually feeling crafty. Not crafty, like "I should totally make that one day", but "I'm totally going to make this NOW" crafty. 

We totally needed more Christmas decor up in here, so I set to work on a whimsical-Christmas-y addition to our spiky chandelier that hangs so low to the ground, we have several scars on our head from when we moved in.

This is totally the kind of craft where you'll want to retreat to your craft room, pop in some old-time Christmas tunes, and eat cookies. Or camp out at your kitchen table with a husband playing Call of Duty in the background, which is almost as relaxing.

As I set up, I asked Ian if "when we have a dream home, can I have my own craft room?" To which he replied, "only if I can have a work bench." Just call us the crafter and the carpenter.

But anyway, besides the point.

To make this easy little craft that you probably used to make in Sunday School, you will need several pieces of colorful paper (12 x 12 scrapbook paper worked great), metal rivets, fishing line and a tin of Penn State Bakery cookies (thanks Mom and Dad!).

Cut the paper into  five approximately 1 in. strips, and cut them into the following lengths: 

1 at 8 3/4 inches
2 at 10 inches
2 at 12 inches.

Make sense?

Sandwich the five strips together in this pattern- long, medium, short, medium, long- and gather them all at one end. Secure with a binder clip. You might think that the clip is unnecessary, but it is. I promise.

Use your handy dandy rivet puncher to punch a hole through all five strips, and fasten with the rivet.

Now, gather all strips at the other end so that the ends line up, and the paper magically folds into the pretty teardrop shape. Secure with the binder clip while you punch a rivet into the other end.

Make a bunch of these things and wonder where you are going to hang them all.

Tie some fishing line through each one, and hang wherever you think they'll be pretty. Throw in some foam snowflakes for good measure.

Finish off your productive day with a stir fry picnic on the couch while you watch Julie and Julia. If that isn't a recipe for success, I don't know what is. 


  1. They are beautiful and they look awesome hanging from the chandelier. I chuckled about bumping your head...sorry. Thanks for the follow. Look forward to getting to know you. Cute and funny post. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Good for you for getting your craft on! They turned out really great!

    I've made several of the recipes I've pinned and one or two of the craft projects but that's it. I give myself the excuse that I have a new baby so don't have as much time to experiment...but maybe if I spent less time pinning and more time doing I'd have a lot more to show for it!

  3. I am totally going to do this today! Thanks for passing along some cool inspiration!


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