And now on to Christmas...

But wait, Thanksgiving was really fun!

Having gone to college in my hometown, I never really got to experience "coming home" for Thanksgiving. This year, we woke up in the Brodie Abode in Virginia that morning and traveled up (without any traffic) to Central PA to enjoy not one, but two, Thanksgivings for the first time as a married couple.

And now that Turkey Day has passed, it is officially acceptable to leave the Christmas radio station on and to watch Christmas movies. And make Christmas crafts.

Stay tuned for the first Brodie Christmas decorating extravaganza! Until then, enjoy some holiday TV specials and polish off the rest of those leftovers. What's a couple more calories anyway?


  1. You're going to watch It's A Wonderful Life, right?

    Hope you're super well, Bren!

  2. Christmas Vacation=Favorite Christmastide Film. Or possibly just a documentary of family Christmases ;) Glad to see you and Ian had a good Thanksgiving!

  3. We watch National Lampoon Christmas Vacation every single year during the Thanksgiving weekend -- you cannot beat the Griswolds!


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