The Newlywed Nest: The Finished Product

A couple days ago, in the blistering heat, my new husband and I moved to what my mother lovingly refers to as "the lower level of a contemporary home". In layman's terms, we're living in a basement.

But before you imagine Ian and I huddling for warmth next to the furnace, peeping out the tiny ceiling windows, and swatting away spider after spider, take a look at the amazing apartment we scored that just so happens to be in what used to be a basement. (However, the spider part might be more accurate than not...)
Path to our private entrance.

DIY'ed bulletin board using extra tea towels and wedding brooches.

Have any idea what my favorite room might be?

Now on to the living room...

The best part of this room is by far the built in shelves. So many decorating options!

Take a stroll down the hallway through more leftover wedding decor to the room with the only brand new furniture we own...

White walls soon to be filled with wedding photos.

And last, but not least, the manly/Penn State room where Ian does real person stuff and Bren can use when she wants to/needs to be business-y.

It's slowly beginning to look and feel like home.


  1. 1. I can't wait to visit!
    2. There can't be any more spiders there than there are in our house!

  2. Spiders.....what spiders......I don't see any spiders????

  3. Everything looks so, so cute Brenda!! Nice work, you little married lady, you! ;)


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