A Crumb-y Day

You know those days that make you go Meep? Yesterday was one of those days. And judging by phone calls from some friends and various Facebook statuses, it seems that yesterday was a meep day for many! I think it was the rain. Or maybe it was because it was Wednesday. 
Here are some snapshots from yesterday:

I decided that obviously a rainy day called for a Sister Act marathon. So far, so good. Especially since the movies come in one convenient package! I wrote graduation notes and continued some wedding crafts while I watched Miss Whoopi sing, dance, and do nun things. Hilarity ensues, of course.

Then I decided to bake.

I found an easy peasy recipe for cinnamon bread, which I thought sounded like a fabulous aroma to fill up my kitchen with for when my man came over later for coffee. I decided to even throw in chocolate chips because, heck, chocolate makes everything better. Not to mention that it's always good news when I start changing recipes.

So into the oven it went, when Ian arrived, which always makes life better. Have I ever told you about this magical ability we have to bring each other out of our deepest funks? It's like we should marry each other or something. 

Here's where things get a little fuzzy. For some reason or another, after giving Ian his mug 'o coffee, I was bent over my desk shuffling things around (Looking for something? Organizing my pens and pencils) Either way,I stood up too fast (too much caffeine!), and hit my face on the wall. Yes, hit my face. On the wall. How does that even happen?

So I may or may not have curled up on the couch in the arms of my man and cried like a four year old for a few minutes. 

But ah, the cinnamon bread was done! Surely some delicious cinnamon bread could wipe those tears off my throbbing face. But when I pulled it out of the oven, it looked a little....flat. After cutting a piece, the loaf brought back images of high school cooking class where the teacher showed us how quick bread is not supposed to look.

Flat 'n crumby. Mmmmmm.

And here's the kicker: it tasted even worse than it looked! 
And I forgot to put the chocolate chips in.

(Chocolate is what would have saved it, I'm sure.)

So what does a girl with a bruised face, fail bread, and an appetite the size of China do?

Yes, it was just one of those days. 


  1. I think head injuries (even the tiniest ones) just automatically bring on tears. I once (embarrassingly and accidentally) closed my head in Roger's car door, and even though it just sort of bounced around and didn't really hurt too, too bad, I was still a crying mess. And it's really rare that something hurts enough to make me cry. I hope the pizza and cupcakes made it better for you!

  2. Welp, that sounds painful! But yes, it was nothing a little junk food couldn't fix. Disclaimer: the cupcakes weren't all for me, I promise!!! :-)


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