When in Texas, Do as the Tourists Do

I usually run far away from tourist traps. When I'm traveling, I want to scope out the local spots, the places you don't find in a guide book (Really, guide book? What is that?).

After a day of hotel crazyness, some coworkers have taken me out a couple times to those off-the-map San Antonio favorite spots, but when I'm flyin' solo in the evening, I haven't strayed too far from the tourist-ridden River Walk. So when I ventured to the Goodwill that I spotted on the car ride to Mi Tierra, I found out why I haven't wandered too far away. The rest of San Antonio is kind of scary. And Goodwill didn't have any thrifty delights. Lo siento.

So back to Bren the Tourist it was. I decided to pay 9 bucks and go on a River Boat ride.

And then pay 4 bucks for a scoop of Justin's homemade ice cream.

It's been a fantastic week, but I think I will soon be ready to be back in the arms of my fabulous fiance. Just as long as he can make the PA rain and cold go away by Saturday.....

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