Casa Rio: A Mexican River Experience

Since I'm not sure how much free time I'll be getting for the rest of this week, I decided to do the See-San-Antonio-in-a-Day-whirlwind tour. Because after several cups of coffee and 6 hours of plane rides, what else is a girl in Texas to do?
Jump on the king-size bed?

Gorge on the complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and truffles? (Did I pick the right major or what?)

I pretty much spent the day exploring the Riverwalk, and at some point, stumbled across The Alamo. I literally had no idea I was anywhere near it, and all of a sudden there it was!

I must say, the shopping here is a little weak. I was envisioning thousands of little shops and boutiques, with a couple of vintage shops thrown in here and there (why not?), but retail-wise, it mostly fell into three categories: Texas-themed tourist junk, Mexican-y pots and tapestries, and jewelry. Good jewelry!

However, there is one thing that this place doesn't skimp on--food. The River Walk is LOADED with fun restaurants that can appeal to all crowds. Everything from sports bars to Chinese food to the Rainforest Cafe...it really has it all.

Feeling a bit like Samantha Brown a la The Travel Channel, I set off to find some good San Antonian grub. All day, I had been looking for the colored umbrellas like I saw in the River Walk photo in this post. After what felt like miles and miles of walking, I finally spotted them!

And wouldn't you know, they belong to a classic San Antonio Mexican Food destination (or so they say...)

Casa Rio was the first business established along the river, and played a part in the River Walk evolving into the food destination it is today. They offer a fairly extensive menu--not quite as overwhelming as most Mexican establishments I've been to, but still a good variety of tacos, enchiladas, flautas, and quesadillas. After seeking the opinion of my server Carlos, I decided to go with the Regular Plate--"A Favorite since 1946"--which consisted of a Cheese Enchilada, Tamale, Chili Con Carne, Mexican Rice, and Refried Beans. I also splurged on some local Texas beer--because what the heck. I'm in Texas.

I was there before the dinner rush hit, but service was incredibly speedy and the staff treated me like they would treat their family. Carlos didn't even laugh at me too much when I asked if I was supposed to eat the corn husk thing around the tamale.

Overall, a resounding A+ for Casa Rio, San Antonio, and for being able to wear one of my favorite dresses (which also gained the approval of some weird men dressed like cowboys who asked if I ran away from my husband to Texas...).

Tomorrow I begin my HR experience! I can't wait to wear all my funky--but not junky--professional clothes. But first: sleep. Lots and lots of it.

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