DIY Flower Bib Necklace

Today is my beautiful momma's birthday, and let me just tell you, she is one crafty lady. I have her to thank for my genes that make me love spending an afternoon surrounded by glue guns, fabric, and scissors. She is incredible with a sewing machine and is a quilting genius--and I'm not talking grandma quilts. Her and her friend, Karen, whip up amazing clutches, bags, and other adorable things, and sell it on their Etsy site. You should really check them out.

So in honor of her birthday, I'm going to share a little craft project that I whipped up for her and because I loved it so much, one for myself. I was persuing the blogosphere this weekend for some new jewelry ideas when I stumbled across the Pom Pom Bib Necklace from Little Miss Momma.

I like to think of them more as 'flowers' than 'pom poms', but either way this was very easy to make. Perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

Here's what you need:
A glue gun
Pretty fabric (it's a great way to use leftovers!)
Fabric scissors
Necklace chain (you can find them at Michaels, AC Moore, Joanne's, etc.)

First, cut out five circles of felt the size of how big you want your flowers/pom poms to be. The ones I made for my mom's were about 1 inch, but the ones I made for myself were about 1.5 in.

Using one of the felt circles as a guide, cut out lots and lots of fabrics circles until you have a good stack of them. 
You will need at least 20 for each flower.

Once your hands are hurting from cutting out a million fabric circles, take one and scrunch it up like this:

Dab a spot of hot glue on the bottom and glue it to the middle of one of your felt circles.

Continue to scrunch and glue your fabric circles, gluing them down next to each other on the felt circles

Continue this until you have a pretty flower! For a fuller flower use more fabric circles and glue them tighter and closer to each other.

Continue this with the remaining felt circles. (I told you, you will need lots of fabric.)

Once all five flowers are complete, squeeze a dollop of glue on the back...

...and glue all five down on a larger piece of felt in the shape that you want your necklace.

Wait until it dries completely, then cut out around the flowers so that all the extra felt is hidden and you can only see the flowers from the front. Flip the whole thing over and glue your chain on. I just placed the chain so that it was evenly distributed along each flower, then squeezed the glue directly on top.

Again, wait until it dries completely. 

Then, arrange the finished product on your windowsill to take pictures for your blog. Of course.

I was almost excited to go to work on Monday because I was so excited to wear this! It looks like something you would buy at the store, but if you are willing to be patient and put a few hours into it, it really isn't hard to do at all. 

Happy birthday Mommy! 


  1. Your necklace came out awesome! I have a necklace like that but I didn't make it myself, ha.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. This would be a great project for my DIY nights!

  3. Oh, it looks GREAT Thanks for sharing! I may have to give it a go!

  4. These are so cute! I would love to try making one of these.

    My mom is super crafty as well, which is why I think I love doing craft projects.. she definitely raised me on them!

  5. AHhh! I wanna make one! That's seriously the cutest thing ever!

  6. what a cute tutorial- LOVE it!

  7. This is so cute ad creative!! She will love it, I'm sure!


  8. Hy sweetie! i love your post! would you likw to follow each other? tell me what do u think! XXo


  9. This is so cool. I definitely want to try this!


  10. So cute...i like your pom pom necklace, lovely choice of color and fabric. I think this is a fabulous handmade gift for your mom. Thanks for sharing this DIY


  11. Cute! And your mom is so cool for having her own etsy site! That's great!

  12. Holy cow, suuuuuuch a great DIY tip!!! I love this! It actually seems like I can do it too :)


  13. Love this DIY. I definitely have to put it on my to do list. So cute!


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