An Afternoon at Mimosa

What do you get when you mix a cheap mani-pedi, a bunch of girls, and bottomless champagne?

An afternoon at Mimosa Salon in Dupont Circle, that's what!

This weekend, between packing/freaking out about moving into a new house in less than a week, I got to spend an afternoon out and about in DC with some of my best friends. I had seen a blog post about Mimosa in my perusing, and when I saw 'bottomless mimosas' I knew that this was somewhere I had to check out. But it almost seemed too good to be true. 

The salon is located at 706 Connecticut Ave. NW, and if you were just walking by you probably wouldn't even know it was there. We had made a reservation for five several weeks ago, and when we arrived we were immediately greeted and asked if we were the group of five. The gentleman told us that we would be upstairs, but we were first instructed to pick out our nail colors from the racks upon racks of polish. To say it was overwhelming is a bit of an understatement.

Once we finally made our decisions, we made our way up the steps to find a bustling second level. We had five massaging pedicure chairs right next to each other waiting for us. The minute we sat down, one gentleman came around handing us all champagne glasses, and a woman followed right behind with a large bottle of champagne. The room was a tad bit hot, my bangs were sticking to my face, but I didn't care. It was kind of like heaven.

It was my first pedicure, and I must say for someone with the most ticklish body in the world, I actually held up pretty well (maybe the three glasses of champagne had something to do with that. Those people are smart). The color I chose was You Don't Know Jacque by OPI, and I must say I am a little bit obsessed. 

The total came to $39.00 for the whole thing, which is absolutely fantastic in my book. I just got the regular nail polish, but the also have gel options for a couple dollars more, which I gotta try next time considering I nicked my fresh manicure on the way to the bathroom...

The rest of the day was spent eating, drinking coffee, and shopping with some great company. 

(The girls minus Shannon the photographer)

The verdict: Mimosa rocks. You gotta go--and let me know when you do because I want to join.


  1. That looks like such a fun girls' day! I have to head there the next time I'm in DC :) And gel manicures are awesome.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. What a wonderful time! Friends, pampering, and mimosas sound perfect! Good luck on the move!

  3. What a wonderful time! Friends, pampering, and mimosas sound perfect! Good luck on the move!

  4. Wow..your first pedi? I bet youre hooked. You and your bangs...you crack me up! I am really ticklish too. I've never had a professional massage due to this. I have toread back further because you are moving??? What? Catching up! Such a good for the soul kinda day..lucky you. Dawn suitcase vignettes

  5. that sounds like such a great day!! we used to have a similar place here, but they closed for some (dumb) reason. i love your nail color!


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