The Time I Ate my Weight in Powdered Sugar

As I was gathering up a list of places we had to visit in New Orleans, having beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde was always one of the first things people said. 

Even though we were visiting New Orleans during a slow season, we arrived here on Wednesday morning around 9:30 and the place was PACKED. It actually kind of reminded me of somewhere you would eat at Disney World--full of tourists, charmingly vintage, and swarming with servers wearing little paper caps running around.

We ordered one of each of the things on the menu--two orders of beignets, a cafe au lait for me, and regular coffee for Ian.

Beneath the mountain of powdered sugar is a light and crispy mound of dough, pretty much like funnel cake but it was so much classier because it has a French name, right?

We returned to Cafe DuMonde for a late night snack later in the week, as it's open 24 hours. This time, we ordered from the take-out window and took the bag of steaming hot fried goodness to a bench and listened to a street performer's lovely rendition of Bad to the Bone as we stuffed our face. 

Another breakfast spot we heard was a must-visit was The Coffee Pot Restaurant. We stopped by on our last morning in New Orleans, and it was really the perfect spot to end out our trip. It was a classic southern cafe--the servers were older women who treated everyone in the restaurant like their own children, the place was decorated with beautiful historic art and furniture, and we both indulged in some more fried things dowsed in powdered sugar.

These were by far my two favorite restaurants we stopped at on our trip. 

Coincidence that they all involved coffee, breakfast, and powdered sugar?


  1. Oh wow. YUM! Fried things and sugar are two of my big weaknesses!

  2. Oh my gosh, that looks delicious! Powdered sugar heaven :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. i need to stop reading your blog for a few days if you keep posting about NO! i'm liable to book a flight right now!!

  4. Yumm!! The one issue I had trying to eat it with all the sugar on top was that I would inhale while taking a bite and then sneeze all the sugar everywhere!

  5. the only thing i love more than beignets is the powdered sugar on top of beignets. YUM!!


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