Dinner and Frozen Cake

If you haven't noticed, it's been a quiet week around here on the blog because Ian and I were celebrating our anniversary in New Orleans! Stay tuned this week to hear all about our fantastic week.

We left last Tuesday, after having celebrated our anniversary on Monday the 9th. We indulged in a delicious dinner at Circa in Arlington, which was recommended to Ian by some friends. I wore a new red dress that I had just bought at Ross's and too-high purple heels that I bought months ago and have never worn. And will probably not wear again for a long time.

We brought along our frozen wedding cake to the restaurant, worried about how it had held up in the power outage from several weeks ago. Was it going to be nasty frozen cake or nasty frozen-then-thawed-then-frozen-with-freezer-burn cake? We would shortly find out. 

The food was FANTASTIC--we started off with some apricot chipotle wings.

Ian had short ribs and I had crab cakes.

The manager even surprised us with some complimentary champagne.

They brought out our cake looking beautiful. But it looked a lot better than it tasted. 

We finished off the evening by coming home and watching our wedding video, re-living the day a year later and still amazed at how perfect the whole day was. 

Wedding cake may not have lasted a year, but the first year of marriage was full of sweet memories! 
Here's to a marriage that lasts longer than freezer-burned cake!
The cake may have been frozen, but our burning passion for each other keeps burning bright.

OK, I'm done.


  1. Congrats on your one year! That's what I'll be doing in a little less than a year!
    Favor the Brave

  2. Congratulations! And you look absolutely gorgeous!
    I can't believe you guys kept your cake so long - that is amazing!

  3. These pictures are beautiful. Again, congrats Brenda!

  4. Happy Anniversary! The crab cakes look delicious and I love that close-up of you- so pretty!

  5. Congrats! Happy Anniversary

  6. So the cake didn't taste good? We didn't save ours but I've heard from people to say it was delish and others say it was gross. What a nice find at Ross! Glad you enjoyed your anniversary celebration.

  7. Sorry I missed this post. I hate summer and I am trying to catch up on posts that I missed and wanted to use one of your photos from one of your summer adventures in a post...I will link back to you! You look gorgeous sipping that drink. congrats. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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