A Nifty Thrifty Halloween

I was drawn to the idea of being a 1950's pin-up girl for Halloween this year. Why? I wanted to be something sorta sexy, but not of the sexy policewoman/ladybug/doctor persuasion. I figured, why not do something cute and vintage?

I scored a red collar tank top and high waisted black shorts from Goodwill, back seam fishnets from Rag and Bone, wore my thrifted red heels, and topped it off with vintage flower clip on earrings and bright red lipstick. The whole thing cost about 8 bucks.

And Ian, the crafty fiance that he is, swiped some fabric from his mom and whipped up some stripes to pin to a WalMart khaki shirt (which he saved the packaging from and returned the next day) to go as a 1940's soldier.

Hey-- if employment falls through, at least we can make crafts. And look good while doin' it.

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