Goin' to the Cheap-al....

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone for your congratulations and support over the past week. Ian and I are incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many loving friends and family who share in our excitement to start this new chapter in our lives. The plans have been moving along fabulously--our big day will be July 9th, 2011, appropriately the day of our 3-year-and-5-month anniversary! The ceremony site, reception venue, and dress have been checked off the list already. (Wanna see the dress? HAHAAAAAA nice try!)

Ever since talk of marriage entered the picture with me and Ian, we always knew that our celebration wouldn't be expensive and lavish. Both of us being the thrifty individuals that we are, we both know that you don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make your day special. Since the beginning of college, I've been accumulating crafty wedding ideas in my journal, on everything from centerpieces to invitations to decorations. And now, since wedding dreams are slowly becoming a reality, my artsy instincts are exploding with ideas to have an economical, cheap, and UNIQUE wedding!

My favorite mode of procrastination these days has been perusing DIY wedding websites and blogs to gather ideas.

Some of my favorites:

Here are some ideas I love....obviously once the decor decisions are made I gotta be hush-hush (we want the day to be a surprise now, don't we?), but I just want to show you how fun and funky cheap weddings can be.

Unfortunately, no one notified Penn State that I am a bride-to-be and have wedding things on my mind and that schoolwork just isn't as fun as that.

Love you all!


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