Oh, Monday. Rainy, cold, soon to be snowing Monday after a fun evening of eating bad-for-me food, drinking on a work night, watching football that I don't care about, and swooning over Bruno Mars--phew. Extra coffee today, people!

Shall we think back to happier times of a warm and sunny weekend that felt like Spring had possibly sprung?

On Saturday, I woke up early-ish to attempt to score cheap Billy Joel concert tickets which sadly sold out too fast (but I didn't want to go anyway. Right? Right?!) but my spirits were quickly lifted when I met up with Stephie and Madeline for the Old Town Boutique Warehouse Sale in Alexandria. Clothing, accessories, and home goods from the adorable boutiques in Old Town that I usually can't afford for up to 70-80% off? Heck yes! Unfortunately, most of the clothes even at their heavily discounted prices were still out of my price range, but the jewelry and accessories were more up my alley. The cozy chevron cape you see above that I wore for a fancy grocery shopping and Starbucks trip was only 10 bucks! Perfect for that awkward in-between weather where it's warm but you still have to avoid stepping in snow. 

I also took this opportunity to break in a vintage purse that my mom found at an old lady's garage sale, complete with a mini mirror still in the plastic. If I'm gonna dress up for a trip to Wal Mart, might as go all out, right?


  1. Work that $10 cape! You look super cute. I had a blast with you girls -- every weekend should be filled with fun shopping adventures.

  2. i love the cape...super cute and funky, and perfect with that purse!

  3. Naw you didn't want to go see Billy Joel at all....and I'll be nice and won't mention that I saw him years ago WITH Elton John and it was awesome....I mean, terrible, just terrible....*coughs*

    Anywho, rock that cape girl! I have one as well but it's been way too cold to wear something that doesn't close in around the body and block out the wind. Maybe as a transition piece once spring decides to show up?

  4. Hi girl, think about a giveaway for your blog with my Etsy shop for Spring. Let me know. All your peeps have to do is favor my store on my etsy front page. d_flexe@yahoo.com email me. xoxo dawn

  5. Wow! Cute casual chic look. You're lucky to have that cape and the vintage purse. Wish to find those items. So love thrifting as well and just found an online shop americanfashionfox.com which has great deals. So sad there's no cape available in the said shop but I'll just search for it in our local thrift stores. Hope I'll be lucky enough. :)


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