A New Addition...

I would like to introduce you all to our brown and four legged addition to our family....

Not quite as cute and cuddly as a puppy, but a fabulous addition nonetheless. My parents told us several months ago that for Christmas they wanted to get us a real dining room table. Up until this point, when having guests over we have either crowded around our little kitchen table or have had to spread out in the living room. We looked everywhere from Craiglist to Ikea to Big Lots, and while there were some great choices at these places, none really seemed to fit with our style or the space we had to work with.

So one day when we were out on the hunt, we came across Bob's Discount Furniture in Fairfax (if you live in the area, I'm sure you've seen the irritating commercials--cheap local advertising at it's finest) and thought we'd take a look. This table was one of the first we saw when we went in, and for a great price.  The colors and size were perfect, so we came home and ordered it right away. 

So far it's gone fairly unused until recently when we had some guests over to break it in for the first time. I must say, it was great not having to be crowded in the hot kitchen or on the couch, and I'm sure our guests didn't mind not having to balance their plates on their lap. 

Having one more surface to decorate (aka to raid Marshalls and TJ Maxx for) isn't so bad either.


  1. I cannot wait for the day I have a house that is big enough for a REAL table!! We eat dinner on the couch every night and I'm def not great at balancing the plate on my lap. Love the one you and Ian picked out!

  2. i love it!! isn't it funny that no matter how old you are, a new piece of furniture always makes you feel like a real adult?

  3. I really dig your decor style and I dig that you like my style which I think is similar in some ways. dawn


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